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Albuquerque Recovery Sangha 
Through meetings, mindfulness and fellowship, we deepen our experience of the 11th step:
"We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with our higher power."
We welcome recovering people from any program.

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Recovery       Sangha

the wisdom of 12 step and Buddhism

DrugRehab.com is a web resource provided and funded by Advanced Recovery Systems. Since 2015, the website has provided researched, fact-based resources for free. Readers can learn about risks of various substances, the latest approaches to treatment and real stories of recovery.

Refuge Recovery (www.refugerecovery.org)

is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build an extensive and comprehensive network of recovery meetings, communities and treatment options. Their philosophy and inspiration is based on the teachings of the Buddhism.

Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (www.againstthestream.org) was founded by Noah Levine and provides a recovery programs and retreats rooted in traditional Buddhist and mindfulness practices.

The 12 Step Buddhist (www.the12stepbuddhist.com)

website has links to Darren Littlejohn's books and other Buddhist recovery meetings and resources.

The Buddhist Recovery Network  (www.buddhistrecovery.org) has a great website that lists and reviews many resources, including books, national meetings, organizations, and events.